Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Top 10 Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts

By David Mankin

Here are my top 10 favorite keyboard shortcuts that I have grown to rely on in Acrobat 9 Professional.  You may know all of them, some of them, or maybe none at all.  Everyone uses their applications differently.  I used to be a mega-mouse-clicker.  Over the years, I have grown to use, appreciate and ultimately rely on keyboard shortcuts to help streamline my workflow.  So, here they are… My Top Ten Acrobat 9 Professional Keyboard Shortcuts:

Drum roll, please…
10.   Ctrl-6 Insert Sticky Note

9.      Shift-Ctrl-D Delete Pages

8.      Ctrl-R Show/Hide Rulers (yes, Acrobat DOES have rulers!)

7.      Ctrl-U Show/Hide Grid (yep – Acrobat has a design grid too!)

6.      Alt-Left Arrow Previous View

5.      Ctrl-0 (zero) Fit Page

4.      Shift-Ctrl-1 Open Organizer

3.      Shift-Ctrl-F Search

2.      Ctrl-D Document Properties

 …and the number 1 keyboard shortcut is…

1.      Ctrl-K Preferences

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David R. Mankin is a Certified Technical Trainer, desktop publisher, computer graphic artist, and Web page developer. And if that isn’t enough, David is an Adobe-certified expert in Adobe Acrobat.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Project Management Classes

In addition to our existing Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera classes, we have added Fundamentals of Project Management and Microsoft Project 2010 to our Houston schedule. Other locations will be scheduled in the future, and on-site training at your location is also availalbe.