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Here's what our customers say about the computer training they've received from us:

Reviews from Microsoft Project Classes:

"Class was very informative. Interesting material." L.J. (5/13)
"Excellent class! Clear and concise information with good explanations and examples. Instructor able to answer all questions or show where to get the information." L.S. (5/13)
"Shirley [Instructor] was extremely fluent in MS Project. She was able to pinpoint our needs and assist with a pilot project we have been tasked with." A.T. (3/28/13)
"Sensitive to customer’s needs and customized course agenda to accommodate." G.P. (3/28/13)
"This was a great course. Shirley [Instructor] did an excellent job customizing the training guide and class to meet our specific needs." B.Y. (3/19/13)
"Very informative. Met my expectations." C.B. (2/13)
"Great basic course." T.M. (2/13) 
"Very good course and materials. Pace of class was great. No Lost time." P.K. (1/13)
"Instructor’s presentation and delivery was excellent…second to none that I’ve participated in." S.M.  (1/13)
"Course was extremely informative. Learned a ton. The amount of information was sometimes overwhelming but useful for my job. Showed us multiple ways to get to the information which helped a lot." H.M. (1/13)
"Very strong in SME regarding material and project management" L.P. (1/13)
"Taught a lot of material in a short period of time. Shirley [Instructor] is extremely knowledgeable." J.K. (1/13)

Reviews from Microsoft Excel Classes:

"The course was packed with a lot of useful information. Hopefully I’ll remember most of it. The instructor was patient and knowledgeable. Thank you." S.B. (3/13)
 "Very good course material. Instructor very patient." D.H. (3/13)
"Great info – learned lots of powerful information. Instructor demonstrated excellent patience and showed great professionalism." T.O. (3/13)
"Lydia [Instructor] was excellent and very knowledgeable on the subject matter. It was a pleasure being in her training class." C.C. (3/13 )
"I had no concept of Excel. Now I feel good about using it." J.P. (9/12)
"Enjoyed the class. The shortcuts really helped!!!" C.G. (9/12 )
"The details included in the course will be very useful. Amy [Instructor] was friendly and very knowledgeable. Enjoyed her enthusiasm. Thank you." M.G. (7/12)
"A great learning experience!" W.H. (7/12)
"Very good information. Instructor very knowledgeable, patient, and prepared." D.G. (7/12) 
 "Great Instructor. She was very thorough and patient. Easy to learn from. Look forward to coming back for the Intermediate class." M.F.
"Even for someone who has worked in Excel daily for many years, the information was very helpful. Lots of timesaving tricks. Looking forward to the next class." C.B.
"This class was perfect. I am leaving it with a positive feeling and the tools and support to use what I have learned. Thank you for everything. I would highly recommend and ask for more classes." C.E. 

 Reviews from Microsoft Access Classes:

"I will definitely recommend this class to others. Excellent Instructor." L.W.
"She moves at a great pace. Also very knowledgeable. Very helpful with questions not in the book too." C.B.

Reviews from Microsoft PowerPoint Classes: 

"Instructor had great patience which is very important for novices like myself." G.G.
"Instructor has a deep understanding of all aspects of this program. Non obvious short cuts explained throughout the course are very helpful." T.H.

Reviews from Microsoft Word Classes:

 "Lydia [Instructor] is super! Very informative, patient and helpful!" C.E. (12/12)
"Instructor was great. Very clear explanations. Very patient." H.H. (12/12)
"Class materials are very thorough. The instructor is very patient and focused on making sure the students actually perform the instructed tasks." H.S. (12/12)
"A+++. Excellent. Great tips. J.S. (12/12)
"Great course. The information was very informative. Good material. Great overall presentation." (11/12) 
"Awesome. Great learning experience. Thank you!" U.N. (9/12)
"Would like more course material presented like this. Instructor Very committed to helping us and making sure we understood." D.G. (9/12)
"Instructor knowledgeable of information. Had a clear and concise presentation. Good voice." (7/12)
"Great instructor. Presentation was very easy to follow and understand. Hands-on aspect of training was very helpful as well. Very knowledgeable. Well spoken – good presence." E.P. (5/12)
"Great at explaining and making it fun. Very understanding and patient." M.C. (5/12)
"Instructor very interesting and informative. Outstanding job." M.M. (5/12)
"Very enjoyable class. Amy [Instructor] made the class fun." A.T. (5/12)
"Very knowledgeable. Excellent presentation, friendly, and very knowledgeable." C.V. (8/11)
"Very informative. The shortcuts were the most interesting." M.I. (8/11)
"Ann [Instructor] was excellent. Very helpful and I learned a lot. Thanks." L.S. (8/11)
"Amy [Instructor] was very patient and informative. I really enjoyed the lass. I did learn a lot. Thank you." T.T. (8/11)
"This was much needed training and had valuable information. Instructor was very personable and prepared. I enjoyed the class and she did an excellent job." D.F.
"Speechless. Great Teacher." H.B. 

Moving to Microsoft Office 2010 Classes:

"Instructor was very knowledgeable of the material. Very patient with the students." K.R. (8/12)
"I was very impressed with my instructor. Very personable and knowledgeable. I would attend any of her classes. I definitely know more now than when I first came in." S.M.B. (8/12)
"Great Help." A.M. (9/12  )
"Information that will help me perform my job belter. Very good class and good information." F.B. (9/12)
"Course materials very thorough. Instructor good. Patient with participants." B.K. (9/12)
"Good instructor. Picked up a lot of good shortcuts to use. Very knowledgeable and very patient with the students." S.A.S. (9/12)
"Lydia [Instructor] was very helpful and knew all of the answers to our questions." V.T. (9/12)
"Fast paced. Glad to get reference materials and shortcuts. Instructor very good . Knowledgeable without a doubt." D.C. (9/12)
"Good class. Lots of helpful tips." J.D. (9/12 )

Reviews from Online Class:

"The instructor covered the material at a good pace and answered all my questions. I was a little leery of an online class but was pleasantly surprised with the experience." - Mike P.
"Since we had a one-on-one class, it was extremely helpful to be able to personalize the training to my particular questions.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions and to provide suggestions to improve the processes that I already had in place." J. S.

If you have taken a class recently, please add your review to the comments area below. Thank you!

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  1. As a professional corporate photographer and daily user of Adobe Photoshop, I took the Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp to see if I could improve in my skills and work flow to do a better job and be more efficient. This class met much more expectations than I thought possible since I use Photoshop on a daily basis already. Even the introductory class was very benificial as I learned better methods and less destructive changes to improve my work flow using photo enhancements.
    The small classes and veryknowledgable instructor kept things flowing and still allowed time for everyone to stay caught up and perform all steps together to keep the training benificial for either beginner or frequent user. I would recommend the bootcamp for any user of Adobe Photoshop regardless of skills possessed.


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