Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Microsoft Excel 2007 Charts and Pivot Tables

Large worksheets filled with numbers do not do a good job of allowing the user to see trends or spot inconsistencies. This is best done with a Chart. Students learn to create a wide range of charts from the basic Column, Pie, and Stock charts through combination (Bar and Line) charts to the more exotic waterfall and floating charts. They polish charts by learning how to refine the chart’s format and then learn how to create and use custom formats to make future charts easier and more consistent.

A Pivot Table is an interactive, customizable way of displaying data that provides flexibility in the way you view and present the data in your worksheet. More than a simple data table, a Pivot Table allows you to group information—by date, value, or by category—and display varying levels of detail. In this class students learn how to take already-existing Excel worksheets and pull useful information from them by creating and manipulating pivot tables.

Microsoft® Excel 2007, Charts & Pivot Tables: October 31, $225 – Beaumont Classroom. Send 3 or more students to the same class, the same day and pay only $200 each.