Friday, June 7, 2013

ASK AMY: Filling a Shape with a Picture

After last month’s tip appeared (Cropping a picture to a Shape), I was asked if I could fill a shape with a picture. Here are the steps to accomplish that. This tips works in PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher:

1. Select the shape you want to fill with a picture and add it to your document. Select the shape so that it has selection handles displayed on each corner and each edge.
2. The Drawing Tools tab has been added to the tab line.
    a. Click on it and from within the Shape Styles group.
    b. Click on the Shape Fill button.  A gallery displays:

3. From the gallery,
    a. Select Picture. The Insert Picture dialog box displays.
    b. Navigate to where the picture you want to insert into the shape is saved.
    c. Select it and click on the Insert button. The picture fills the shape.